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You may have heard from your friends or neighbors, that if you receive a cancer diagnosis, you should go to Goshen. That is because Goshen Center for Cancer Care is different. Our approach to treating cancer is different.

As a Goshen patient, you will have an entire team of health care providers, not just one oncologist. We believe that to give you the best possible chance of defeating cancer, you need a whole team on your side.

We provide integrative, multi-disciplinary care which includes surgical, medical, radiology and naturopathic doctors, all working together for you and your family. We believe your whole person deserves the best and that is why you are provided naturopathic doctors, dietitians and counselors at no cost throughout your treatment and into survivorship.

Our survivor network coordinator is available to help you through your entire journey, connecting you to resources to make your path a little better. Survivor buddies are available for encouragement and support. A Naturopathic Wellness fund is available for low income patients unable toafford the recommended supportive care. Our care coordinator is available to help patients locate pharmaceutical and foundation assistance for expensive chemotherapy drugs.

Your Goshen health care team communicates with each other, including weekly meetings where all the providers are updated on your progress and needs. We believe our approach results in the best patient care available.

Our technology

In addition to our approach, we have some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology available including TomoTherapy, PET/CT imaging and dose verification system (DVS). As much as we believe in the expertise of our caregivers, we also know that placing the latest tools and technology in their hands is imperative to providing you with the very best care.

Our research

We always are looking for ways to help our patients with cancer live longer, with fewer side effects and a better quality of life. That’s why our dedicated team of oncologists and research experts works every day to discover potential breakthrough therapies – medicines and treatments that may stop the growth of cancer or eliminate signs of the disease.

Our research helps us find ways to detect cancer earlier when we have more ways to attack it. Some studies demonstrate improved outcomes for patients whose cancer has returned or spread to a different part of the body. This daily pursuit of scientific discoveries helps us advance our medical knowledge in ways that lead to better treatments outcomes and an improved sense of well-being for patients with cancer.

We believe 

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we have the strength it takes to help you walk the path called cancer. If you are a patient and would like a second opinion or have been told you should see an oncologist, call (574) 364-2973 to speak with one of our information specialists. Come and experience why people say “Go to Goshen.”

Libby Stout
Cancer Survivor Network Coordinator
(574) 364-2922

Goshen Cancer Survivor Network
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